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Most popular departments: Marketing & Communications, Trainee / Trainee Program, Sales / Sales Support, Product Management, Human Resources - Personnel, Finance / Accounting / Controlling offers you versatile jobs from many interesting departments from assistance to IT to business development. The department defines the organizational area within the company in which your dream job is arranged. And hijob informs you about the tasks and the qualifications required. So you easily find the perfect department and company for your dream job. And when you find the right job for you, you can apply for hijob with just one click.

And also unknown departments can provide exciting positions. Searching for these departments may be worthwhile - perhaps you'll find a position that you would not have discovered otherwise. So discovered jobs can also fit you. This allows you to be informed about similar or related departments for your job at the same time.

Because you often only search in your familiar department. So if you work in customer support, product management or sales can also provide you with exciting jobs. And with the search filters from hijob, you can further narrow your search any time.

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