General Terms of Use


With the registration as member you bindingly accept the terms for the regulation of relations between you and us, the operators of hijob (name and address can be found on each page in the Imprint). We don't accept contradictory terms. The usage regulations serve to protect your rights, our rights and the rights of third parties within the operations of hijob. As far as commercial components are processed, the usage conditions are effective.


The free internet offer includes that you can save and call job ads (hereafter referred to as "jobs"), you can apply at companies to. For more offers with costs, additional terms of use can be arranged.


As far as offered, you can find the subject and price of the offer of hijob in the performance specification. We reserve the right to change these, as far as changes have been made in the development, which usually affect the range of functions and is reasonable and adverse. We will inform the user timely before changes will come into force via the screen page or via e-mail. As long as you don't contradict before it comes into force, the change is seen as accepted. In case of a protest the membership will be terminated.


You are personally responsible for your transmitted information and your behaviour at hijob. You commit not to violate laws or break any other rule while using the services of hijob. We reserve the right to terminate you from your membership and delete your information, if you violate laws, common decency, these terms og use or for any other important reason at our own discretion.


You agree that

  1. you will not transmit content, which disagrees to the copyright or any other right of third parties;
  2. you will not transmit content, that contains software, applications, programs or viruses or any other data, which may damage or affect the function of the hard- and software of hijob or other participants;
  3. you will not insult, slander or damage other members;
  4. you will not use data and mail addresses, which resulted from the usage of hijob for commercial advertising or unwanted advertising;
  5. you will not use hijob for content, which is pornographic, child endangering, Nazi, racist or glorifies violence.


We reserve the right but don't assume an obligation to check, edit, delete or block your information, if these violate membership obligations or laws. This will also apply when there is a suspicion of a violation. We can delegate these rights. Further claims regarding the publication or transmission of information on or by hijob are excluded.


With the transmission of a content to our server (manually or due to an interface to external networks, such as Xing or LinkedIn) you guarantee that you have the right to provide us with these contents. Simultaneously you transfer the right to use these contents to us. The right to use, granted to us, includes the revocable right to save, reproduce internationally, distribute, to send in return for payment, represent publicly, publish or use the transmitted content within the offers of hijob and all connected companies you apply at or who are interested in you as candidate, without any claim of compensation for you or third parties. You can always execute the right of revocation by deleting your information.


You excuse us from any claims of third parties, which arise due to the violation of their right, especially of the copyright, license right, competition right or any property right by sending us your content. You agree to support us when claims of third parties arise due to your content and transmit all necessary documents for the defense.


The contents on hijob are protected by a copyright or property right. Your use is subject to copyrights and property rights. Any use of the contents, even extracts, especially for commercial purposes requires the prior approval by the right holder. Members of hijob, companies presented on hijob or operators of hijob come into questions as right holder.


You agree not to give false information at the registration, not to register with a false identity and to keep your information up-to-date. You treat your password chosen at your registration confidentially. You are responsible for all activities using your password. You agree to inform us about any unauthorized use using your name immediately. In the event of non-compliance of this obligation we are entitled to terminate without notice.


You agree only to apply for positions, which necessary criteria match your experience and performance profile. Repeated misuse can lead to an exclusion of hijob.


The membership of hijob is for free. With a registration at hijob you start a membership for free. Due to the possibilities of boosting your career with costs hijob offers, you are free to use those in return for payment.


The membership including the use of our free offer runs for an indefinite time. You and we reserve the right to terminate the membership at any time without observing the notice period of 4 weeks and without giving any reason. The termination must be done written or via e-mail and takes effect at the income.


hijob aims to present appropriate jobs to you. We save, analyse, enhance and process all the contents and data you provided, including the resulted content and data from your use of hijob, in order to anticipate your next career steps and to provide interested companies with your data within the career pool. Companies can access the career pool by e-mail, browser, application (screen or mobile app) or any other suitable form.


We guarantee the compliance of the legal data protection. Personalized data will only be processed and saved as it is explained in the privacy policy. With the registration you agree that we are allowed to save and publish your entered data within hijob and grant companies access, unless stated otherwise. Each process in hijob will be saved with the corresponding IP-address. In case of a suspicion of criminal offences, invastigating authorities can identify the user with the data of the access provider.


hijob only presents appropriate jobs to you. Which jobs are presented to you, is decided by the technology of hijob based on complex algorithms. A claim for an inspection of this technology and for the results of it, is excluded. However, although hijob only presents appropriate jobs to you, we cannot guarantee that every application results in an employment.


You agree to the display of advertising material with your membership.


We and our partners are only liable for contractual and criminal breaches of duty for resolution and coarse negligence, as long as the cardinal duty and any other legal regulations are not affected. As far as legally permissible, we and our partners are only liable for the typical predicted amount for the damage. We don't guarantee that the hijob offers are presented without interruption. Clearing of faults and performing maintenance may cause an interruption of the availability of our offer. We reserve the right to change parts of the offer of hijob. We don't take responsibilites for contents outside the hijob offer, which you access by links. We cannot affect the content of foreign websites and we don't adopt foreign content.


We reserve the right to change the privacy policy without giving reasons. We will inform you about changes at your next visit at hijob, so you can agree to the privacy policy. If you don't contradict, you automatically agree to the privacy policy. If you contradict, your membership is terminated.


In case a determination of the privacy policy is invalid or impracticable, it is replaced by a valid or practicable determination, which is most similar to the legal concept of the invalid and impracticable determination. This privacy policy and the whole legal relationship between you and us is subject of the laws of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland. As far as permissible, Bonn will be the place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes. In addition, the statutory provisions shall be applicable.