We are your career companion. We are hijob.

Was wir tun

Wir bringen Talente und Unternehmen zusammen, die zusammengehören

What we do

We connect talents and jobs that belong together

hijob is the meeting place for talents and companies who want to shape the future together.

Our goal: A world in which job search and recruiting are no longer necessary evils – but fun and beneficial for everyone!

What drives us

Professional success
and contentment for everyone

The decision for a new job isn't easy for anyone. We provide people with the knowledge they need to make this decision with conviction and confidence.

We love this way of supporting and accompanying talents in their personal development. True to our motto:


Fun Facts

The hijob team in figures

9 languages
we speak.
2.1 cups of coffee 
we drink per day.

Ø 30.9 years
each of us is old.
Ø 776 km away from Cologne
we were born.
come to the office by train or bike.
For Ø 2.9 years
every hijob team member's been pitching in.
64% celebrate empathy
as the most important of all skills.
love our office as much as their home offices.

Home in the heart of Cologne.

More precisely: in the old forge in the Krafthaus in Cologne's Rheinauhafen.

hijob is spread over various cities in Rhineland. But our common heart beats in the middle of Cologne.

In immediate vicinity of the world-famous crane houses, we found the perfect anchorage in the Rheinauhafen: the former energy center of the entire port - the »Krafthaus«

The historic brick building is a very special place for us:

  • A place where we celebrate the exchange of ideas as the core of what we do,
  • give free rein to our creativity or (at the appropriate opportunity)

  • simply enjoy a refreshing Kölsch beer together.
Just like our beloved Rhine, which flows along right outside our door, we too are constantly on the move. We change perspective. We make things up. We try things out.

And there is one thing we can definitely count on:

Et kütt wie et kütt (Kölsch for 'Things come as they do') and et hätt noch immer joot jejange (Kölsch for'It always ended up well'. Meaning: 'Don't mind, it'll be okay').

Und genau deshalb fühlen wir uns in unserem Kölner Quartier so wohl. And that's exactly why we feel so at home in our Cologne quarter neighbourhood.

Wir pflanzen Bäume für Matches

Wir kümmern uns. Um dich und unseren Planeten!

Our commitment

We care.
For you and for our planet!

In order for all of us to continue celebrating our abilities on this planet for a long time to come, we must protect it.

That's why we launched the #TreesForJobs initiative:

We plant trees all over the world!
For every registration with hijob and every agreed job interview.

Learn more: #TreesForJobs

With brains, heart & humor

Meet our founders

Daniel Schaffeld (41) René Tillmann (47) are the founders and managing directors of hijob.  And also pretty nice.

They developed hijob to be able to show everyone where their skills are appropriately celebrated at every stage of their career.

The two family men already know each other from the collaboration of the companies they each founded before hijob.

Since then, they have been Partners in Crime and have vowed to start the next venture together.
Their declared goal: to make the world a better place.

Too old for a career as a skateboarding legend (or at least as an inline field hockey pro), but too restless to wrap themselves in genteel silence, they meet every other Thursday. Then they chat.

In their podcast "Helden der Arbeit" (English: 'Heroes of work') they share their thoughts on topics related to the "Future of Work".

Our podcast about the future of work - with lots of valuable tips!

How will we work in 2030?

Daniel and René sit down together every 2 weeks and exchange thoughts. E.g. about if and when guys like them will finally be replaced by robots.

Join them as they strap on their capes and explore how we'll work in 2030. Along the way, they share anecdotes and visions worth listening to.

Subscribe now

"Helden der Arbeit" is available every second Thursday morning - on the podcast platform you trust and as an RSS feed.

Because on Thursdays the heroes of work go to work with the heroes of work ;-)

Digital first

Unser Fokus: 
die Jobs der Zukunft.

Digital first

Our focus:
the jobs of the future.

Digitalization is renewing the entire world of work. All jobs are affected by it. hijob focuses on the jobs and talents that companies particularly need for a digital future.

More than 5,000 satisfied customers use hijob again and again...

und tausende weitere...

hijob has exceeded our expectations. Within a few hours, we received many suitable candidates that we could evaluate with just one click. This is how recruiting must work.

Markus Kiefer, Managing Director, Bechtle

We've received good proposals for many positions. Not all areas can be covered yet, but hijob speeds up our work significantly. We will gladly continue to use hijob.

Patrick Thumm, Marquardt

How we help you as a company

Recruiting with the convenience of streaming services

We are committed to ensuring that your positions are filled with exactly the right person -
and with ease. Uncomplicated, fast and cost-effective.

We make it easy for you to see and treat your candidates as the multifaceted individuals they are. Without any additional workload for you.

Accompany us!

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