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Simple, fast and risk-free recruiting - that's hijob Select. In this video you will learn how it works within 5 minutes. (German)

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General questions about hijob and Select

For which problem should I use hijob Select?

We are the all-inclusive career planner for you and your talents. You can send us all kinds of jobs, but you should always keep in mind that we are not a miracle cure. With difficult jobs that you haven’t had filled in months, we won’t have it easy either.



Why should I use AI for recruiting?


The naming of job titles, competencies, training or study courses in digitization are diverse. It is no longer possible to keep track of this. The hijob AI keeps track and recognizes which job titles, which experience, which studies fit your searched qualifications and why.


Our hijob AI…

  • understands resumes cohesively
  • analyzes thousands of profiles within minutes
  • recognizes patterns of sought-after qualifications and skills that are difficult to identify manually
  • ensures that any exciting talent is immediately displayed for you to act quickly
  • ensures that you save time and money

Can you tell me typical key figures for the success of hijob Select?

With pleasure. We have compiled some case studies for you below.

What are the technical requirements for using Select?

Basically, the more modern your browser, the better. We recommend using at least MS Edge 17 or current versions of Firefox or Google Chrome. IE11 is not supported.


The browsers are available for download here:

Microsoft Edge 



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