The magic behind hijob: our technology.

The magic behind hijob: our technology.

We become a lifelong career advisor by identifying and interpreting data more consistently than anyone before. We are helped in this by the heart of hijob – artificial intelligence.

We make these insights accessible to everyone: talents and companies. Because technology and AI are not ends in themselves. Technology must put the needs of people at the centre of its possibilities.

Completely in line with our mission.

Our AI - est. for 2030

For more than 5 years we've been developing our hijob AI based on machine learning. Our AI focuses on the talent's skills, all jobs' requirements and matches them with current market developments. And translates them into opportunities and prospects.

Talents and companies get a broader view of the market:

  • Talents understand where their skills are in demand and what they can do to develop and flourish professionally.
  • Companies are hiring faster and, above all, more sustainably.

With hijob, we thus replace semantic matching or keyword searches and provide holistic potential analyses.

We say:

Those who hire talents faster and develop them more sustainably, will win the War for Talents.

Recruiters wonder:

  • How do I identify the best talents and hire them the fastest?
  • How do I recognise the true potential of my candidates?
  • How do I recognise the potential of career changers?
  • Which talent development measures are the most promising?

You'll never walk alone

Our AI provides all the answers.

And gives you the knowledge you need to make the best recruiting decisions.

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hijob supports talents, because our AI...

shows undreamt-of perspectives

Talents learn what's behind job titles and whether they meet the requirements – even if they didn't know the job (title) beforehand.

supports appreciative interaction

Talents receive concrete contact requests from interested companies and thus step out of their previous supplicant position.

offers a modern application process

Thanks to the completely digital and uncomplicated hijob process, long waiting times are a thing of the past.

technology meets


We help defining career goals. And achieving them.

We're the lifelong career companion for talents.

We bring talent on par with the demands of the job market. By answering questions like:

  • Is there potential for development or alternative career paths if I develop or expand certain skills?
  • Is the combination of my skills attractive for the labour market? Should I make adjustments? If so, which ones?
  • Which skills are increasingly in demand and are particularly attractive for companies?

No mumbo jumbo. Transparency.

Not only does our hijob intelligence tell you the result of an analysis, but it also justifies how it arrived at this result. The AI's decisions will always be comprehensible for you.

Neutral in terms of origin and gender.

Every talent must have the same chances. AI also helps here.

We offer all the information you need as a company. Neutral, based on statistically relevant data sets.

Any occupational information is neutralised in terms of origin, gender or age before being used as training data for our AI.

AI enables better decisions.

AI won't replace people. It helps to have a better overview of the basis for long-term decisions. Because it can analyse statistically relevant data sets more quickly.

Therefore, we strongly believe that machine intelligence will help to focus more on the human level.

The individual conversation, the personal and appreciative support, the questioning of wishes and needs, the demanding and promoting of talents – a machine won't be able to do all that. But AI can help to pigeonhole goals and wishes.

100% commited to your satisfaction.

Not only our AI, but also the entire hijob team will give everything for your recruiting success.

Give it a try – you won't regret it.



100% focus on your security.

We work with the most valuable asset of all: your trust. Therefore, security and data protection are the basis of all considerations for us.

Rest assured: with hijob you're in good hands.

We work with the most valuable asset of all: your trust. Therefore, security and data protection are the basis of all considerations for us.

Rest assured: with hijob you're in good hands.

Your AI talent pool unlimited. Test 2 month now.

Your AI talent pool unlimited. Make a demo appointment now.

Contact us and experience the hijob magic live. Learn how the hijob AI helps you to get suitable applicants faster. And learn how you can actively shape the future of AI-supported recruiting with us.

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