How does #TreesForJobs work?

We at hijob want to help everyone to exercise the profession in which his or her skills are celebrated. Therefore we propose our users’ profiles to companies that really appreciate these skills. Then, if both the company and the talent are willing to talk to each other (e.g. to arrange a job interview), we plant trees for them.

Because for our talents to continue to celebrate their abilities for a long time to come, our planet must also be helped. And therefore we decided to plant at least one tree for every new talent at hijob (see below).

Why do we sometimes plant several trees for every talent we mediate?

We cooperate with many partner companies that receive many applications every day. Unfortunately they cannot always hire every talent. Therefore, our partners recommend these talents to sign up with hijob. Just like with any other new registration at hijob, we plant a tree with every registration that comes from a company recommendation – but in the name of the #TreesForJobs partner.

If this newly registered hijob user then receives an interview invitation from another company, hijob plants 2 more trees: one in the name of the recommending partner company and one for the inviting company.

Both companies will then be listed by name in our #TreesForJobs list (available at www.treesforjobs.org).

Since we also work with many companies that receive anonymous candidate proposals from us (we call this Select), we’d also like to thank these companies if they apply to a talent who is also interested in an interview. In this case we plant the second tree for this company.

Of course, it can also happen that we help talents that were not placed by one of our partners. In this case we only plant the tree for the company that applies to the talent and whose contact request is confirmed by the candidate.

Can my company and I participate in #TreesForJobs?

Absolutely! And it's quite simple: If you are interested in a partnership, simply fill out our registration form. After you’ve confirmed your email address, you are part of #TreesForJobs and will receive another email from us immediately. This email contains a link that you can include in your emails to those candidates you would like to recommend to other companies. This way, you point these talents to hijob and you've already done everything there is to do for you as a #TreesForJobs partner.

If one of your recommended candidates follows the link and signs up to hijob, this registration is assigned to your company. And if this talent gets an invitation from another company, we plant a tree in the name of your company.

How does my company logo get on the #TreesForJobs list?

Once you become a #TreesForJobs partner, our editorial team will add your company logo to the list. You do not need to do anything. If there are any special requests that we can fulfill, please feel free to contact us by phone (+49 221 - 64304470) or send an email to treesforjobs@hijob.me.

What does it cost to participate in #TreesForJobs?

Nothing! A #TreesForJobs partnership is completely free. You help your candidates by recommending them to other companies via hijob, we plant the trees and help the environment – all thanks to you!

Is this DSGVO compliant?

Absolutely! You do not have to pay attention to anything, because you do not transfer any data to us. The candidates you refer to us register directly and regularly as hijob users. Personal data will not be transferred. Adjustments in your privacy policy or similar are therefore not necessary.

Will I be informed when new trees are planted in my name?

Of course you will. You will receive status updates from us that will keep you informed when trees have been planted in your name.

Can I show my participation in #TreesForJobs on my own website?

With pleasure! By showing others that you are a #TreesForJobs partner, you not only show that you care about your candidates and the environment. You also encourage others to participate and plant more trees.

After your successful registration as a partner you will receive a badge from us, which you can integrate into your website for free to show that you are a #TreesForJobs partner.

Who plants the trees?

hijob GmbH develops the digital career companion of the future. We are experts in AI, but not in forestry. Therefore it was clear to us from the beginning that we cannot plant the trees ourselves. Instead we cooperate with experts to plant trees in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. After many discussions with environmental experts, we decided to work with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted from Shelburne, Vermont, USA. It is a large and dedicated tree planting NGO with 5 years of experience and has planted around 4 million trees in 2019.

And how does One Tree Planted find out how many trees can be planted?

We have an agreement with One Tree Planted that they plant trees for us. For each of these trees we donate the necessary amount. Through the receipt of our donation, One Tree Planted learns how many trees they will plant for us.

When is the donation made?

At the end of each month, but at the latest every quarter, hijob will determine the number of trees that can be planted by our partners and us through the mediation of candidates. Once we have determined this number, we will donate the corresponding amount to One Tree Planted.

When will the trees be planted?

The trees will be planted all year round, starting in January 2020, depending on the availability of land that can be used for reforestation projects.

Where will the trees be planted?

Due to the large number of trees planted (in total, One Tree Planted has already planted over 2.5 million trees by the end of 2018 and 4 million in 2019), they will be planted in a variety of forests on public and private land in areas of high demand. Many of these forests will be public forest lands managed by government agencies. New trees are currently being planted on four continents of the world.

Which trees will be planted?

One Tree Planted always aims to plant indigenous species where local conditions and forest plans permit. Their motto is to plant the right trees, in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Why are you planting trees instead of preserving existing ones?

It is vital to protect, manage and restore forests worldwide. We focus on restoration because, according to the National Academy of Sciences, forest restoration offers the greatest potential for climate change mitigation compared to all other natural climate solutions. Land restoration through tree plantations is One Tree Planted's area of expertise and has been carried out by them for five years. There is no magic bullet to combat climate change. Many different efforts are necessary. Therefore, we should actively pursue a variety of approaches – including the conservation and restoration of our forests.

Can planting trees stop climate change?

No, that alone is not enough. Trees are a proven, natural climate solution. But we have to stick to science and tackle the problem from many angles at once. With our campaign #TreesForJobs we at hijob and our partner companies plant as many trees as possible to be part of the solution. And to send a strong signal: We, who call this planet our home, must take action and care for it. Planting trees is an easy contribution that helps us all and can be easily imitated.

That's great! How can I support #TreesForJobs beyond that?

Besides a #TreesForJobs partnership, the easiest way to support our initiative is to tell other people and companies about #TreesForJobs. The more people participate, the more trees will be planted. We want to turn our initiative into a global movement. Therefore we would be very happy if you include or mention #TreesForJobs and/or www.treesforjobs.org in your tweets / posts / videos etc.

We already thank you for your support!

Can I get a donation receipt?

Unfortunately not. As hijob donates on behalf of the partner companies, but hijob GmbH is the actual donor, no donation receipts can be issued.