What is hijob?

hijob is your mobile career portal. You will find suitable jobs at hijob and you can apply directly at the advertising company. All hijob needs is your Xing- or LinkedIn-profile. This profile replaces your CV. And hijob edits your data professionally, just the way companies like it.

What is special about hijob and what is different compared to other job portals?

hijob is optimized for your smartphone. Each job ad is reduced to the significant information about the job. And it contains the qualifications, which are mandatory for the advertised position. So you see directly, whether a job suits you or not. And further, whether the application is promising. If you meet the qualifications, your application via hijob is particularly welcome. Then you increase your chances for an interview. Use hijob for your career planning, no matter where, no matter when.

How do I benefit from hijob as a candidate?

At hijob you find suitable jobs. So you only apply, where your skills are welcome. Apart from that you only apply with your Xing- or LinkedIn-profile. Further documents are not necessary. Because in a first step companies are only interested in your CV. This will be created via your Xing- or LinkedIn-profile. We edit and prepare your data, just the way companies like it. This saves time and avoids frustration - for you and the company.

How do companies rate the application by use of hijob?

hijob was developed by HR Experts in close cooperation with top companies such as Metro, Tchibo, Fressnapf or TK maxx. You correspond to the standards, which the companies wish for and need for their decision - without reducing the quality of your application.

Applications via hijob are just the way we like it.
Sven Giebler, Director chefkoch.de
hijob delivers all relevant information at once. Due to the listed relevant professional experiences and skills we see directly, whether a candidate is a match for us. Thus applicants can contact us fast and easily.
Evelyn Hohlbein, Head of Recruiting, Metro Cash & CarryMetro Cash & Carry Deutschland GmbH, Senior Head of Recruiting & Talentmanagement Personalentwicklung

What will hijob cost me?

hijob is for candidates of course free of charge.

How can I influence the success of my application?

Keep your Xing- or LinkedIn-profile up to date. Edit your profile as meaningful and concise as possible, as if it was your CV. Apply via hijob. hijob remembers, which skills you have and will suggest suitable jobs for you.

What happens after my application?

hijob sends your edited data to the appropriate recruiter of the company. As soon as the recruiter calls up your CV, you will be informed via e-mail. So you know, whether your profile aroused interest. From that moment on, the company will communicate with you via your stored contact information. We are constantly working on making the processes even more transparent.

How do I apply?

Very simple. You sign in with Xing or LinkedIn. You find the appropriate job and apply with one click. Your Xing- or LinkedIn-profile replaces your CV. hijob edits and prepares your data, just the way companies like it.

Is hijob an app?

No, hijob is a mobile website. It adapts to your device. No matter, you access hijob.me via computer or smartphone. To use hijob, you do not need to download an app. hijob accompanies you and your career everywhere - even without app.