Senior Cloud Engineer (m/f/x), you will be responsible for the implementation cloud solutions and support the development of Cloud Infrastructures running in 24x7 environments.

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Professional full-time permanent Recruiters / Personnel Services IT


  • Demonstrate Technical Cloud solution knowledge, playing a vital role in the implementation cloud solutions and support the development of Cloud Infrastructures running in 24x7 environments.
  • Delivery of customer Cloud solutions aligned with customer's business objectives and with a focus on Cloud Migrations.
  • Implementation of client's Cloud environments with a focus on AWS and Azure - Google Platform would be an advantage.
  • Undertake customer delivery engagements related to cloud implementations and migrations with a specific focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and MS Azure.
  • Provide leadership in infrastructure migration methodologies and techniques including mass application movements into the cloud.
  • Produce documents for effectively hand over infrastructure architectures to Operations teams for successful systems engineering and implementation.
  • Work closely with delivery team to provide input on industry trends to tailor our delivery offerings to
  • Understand the technical requirements of enterprise customers and work closely with the Cloud Architects to guide the direction of our solution for our enterprise customer eco-system.
  • Provide SME level-consultation with project team and end users to identify application runtime environments.
  • Leads or participates in the successful delivery of complex customer IT Infrastructure projects.
  • Continuously focuses on project delivery excellence and high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Build tight working relationship with offshore and nearshore Cloud delivery teams.


  • 10 or more years of IT experience
  • Minimum of 3-year experience as a cloud consultant
  • Exposure and working level knowledge of working with and interfacing to global delivery teams
  • Fluent in German and English
  • 4+ years' experience as an IT Cloud Engineer, with focus on AWS and Azure cloud, server, storage and networking
  • 10+ years' experience with MS Server Operating Systems
  • 4+ years' experience with MS SQL, SharePoint and .NET
  • 4+ years' experience with SAN, NAS design from architectural standpoint
  • Must be well versed in and have experience IT policies and procedures and technology standards
  • Knowledge of further Cloud technologies (Azure, S3, VMware)
  • Experience in leading a team applying all elements of Technical Consulting
  • Proven ability to document appropriate technical information to serve as base for training, technical operations run books and knowledge objects.

About digitalhumans

For over 10 years I have been active as a recruitment specialist and headhunter. Never before has the professional world been turning faster than today. Digitalization is about to become the fourth industrial revolution. Never before over the course of the past century has there been a deeper and more profound decisive point in our work life. We find ourselves in the midst of a paradigm change. New things are being invented, the supposedly well-tried is no longer up to date will have become old fashioned by tomorrow. Prerequisites for management and employees are incredibly high. It is not only about altered IT processes. Much more so it is about how we want or have to work and live in order to lead successful enterprises. It is about letting go of older structures, to reinvent oneself and still be successful or even more so. Certificates of employment and hackneyed job applications are turning into artefacts, as it is unimportant in times of digitalization what somebody used to be good at some ten or 15 years ago, but rather what they’re good at now and will excel in over the coming years. Bank on references. Putting trust in your employees, in their abilities and passions needs to be re-recognised. Digital transformation is subject to primarily economic interests. Economic interest is important. Without customers, without employees, there simply is no enterprise. It is similarly important, however, to also think aboutwhere your company WITH its employees would like to stand in five or ten years’ time. Would you, as a company, want to act like the three little monkeys (hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing) and simply ride the wave of buzzwords, using them in your claims, continuously committing your employees to them in long-lasting meetings? Or would you like to understand digitization in its profoundness and create something truly new and successful together with your team? Are you ready to commit yourself, to change, to instill a new passion for your topics, to dismantle and reassemble yourselves? A further buzzword is disruption. Disruption is positive if you live it in its entirety and not just use it on your website. Disruption requires strength, power, sometimes resistance and courage as well. You want the best employees? Excellent, but are you the best employer? How do you treat your potential new employees during the recruitment process? How fast are you? What makes your corporate culture unique? Do you have a culture? Does your company allow for weeks or even months of “time” for new hires? How are decisions concerning employees to be recruited taken? Who takes these decisions? Are you aware of the fact, that we no longer speak of recipients of orders today? Are you aware of the fact that your current and potential employees place their excellent knowledge, their passion at your disposal? And that they will quickly move on if you don’t recognise that. Are you also this passionate? Are you ready to share your knowledge and accept new knowledge? Are you prepared to hire “critical thinkers” who are somewhat higher maintenance, but will provide you with outstanding new impulses? And are you also ready to get rid of employees who block all this, even if it concerned your management? All these and many further questions may be excellently researched and positively altered by using a specialised interim manager and recruitment specialist for digital transformation like myself. I am your best temporary sparring partner. Due to my longterm experience with start-ups, SMBs or globally active big corporations, I have gained quite a well-schooled and quick vision. For my time with you as your interim manager, I place best knowledge, my unfiltered impressions regarding your HR department, but also your management, my passion, my network around the topics recruitment and personnel development at your disposal. My ability and mission is to convey to you - the board of directors / board of management as well as your HR/recruitment team . creativity, knowledge, understanding, a great deal of responsibility and toughness and tact.

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