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Privacy Policy

Valid until 24th May 2018

This is the privacy policy for all services of the hijob GmbH, Brüsseler Platz 8, 50672 Köln (hereafter referred to as „hijob“).

hijob and the companies connected to us take the security and privacy of personalised data very seriously. Your privacy is a major concern for us and we respect it during all our business processes. We treat your data carefully and only use it, if it is necessary. We are subject to the legal provisions of Germany, especially the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) and the Telemediengesetz (TMG). Our page contains links to other websites and advertisments of third parties. However, this privacy statement does only cover our website.

hijob will help you with your career development and find the next dream job for you. hijob helps you to discover your personality and identify your talents and faciliate your job search. Trust is an elementary component for the relation between you and hijob. You can be sure that hijob stands up for the privacy and the right of data security of it's users. The security and the protection of user data against unauthorized access is a major concern for hijob. hijob only collects and uses personalised data within the legal provisions of Germany. In the following we inform you about the kind, extent and purpose of the collection and usage of personalised data. You can recall your information anytime at /en/privacy-policy.

1. Subject of this privacy policy

This privacy policy covers all services, which we offer under the domain "hijob.me", "hijob.com" and further hijob-domains (hereafter the "website") and in the mobile Web-App called "hijob" (hereafter the "app"). Subject of the data protection is personalised data. Information represent personalised data, if they give away your identity. Amongst others, this can be your name and your address. Information about e.g. your browser usage, due to which your identity cannot be determined, is not personalised data. You agree to this provisions by signing in via Xing, LinkedIn or directly at hijob.

2. Responsible authority

Responsible authority in terms of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (BDSG) is the hijob GmbH, Brüsseler Platz 8, 50672 Köln. If there are any questions concerning the collection, processing or usage of your personalised data or if you need information, want something corrected, blocked or deleted, please send us an e-mail to kontakt@hijob.me or give us a call at +49 176 10246965. At this address you can always have your saved data at hijob recalled, edited, blocked or deleted.

3. Function of the app and website

With it's app and website, hijob offers a platform for the matching of your profile and concrete job profiles. This service is for free. You create a user profile with the data mentioned in 4.. hijob compares this data with the available job profile. Once the analysis shows that your user profile and the job profile match sufficiently, the app / website presents you the concrete job offer. You can decline it by clicking the "thumbs-down"-button. You can show interest by cklicking the "thumbs-up"-button. When you show interest the criteria will be presented to you, which the company defined as condition for submitting an application. If you confirm a defined number of criteria by putting a check on the corresponding criterion, you only need to click (if neccessary after entering your contact data) on the Apply-Button to send your application. Now hijob transmits your short profile to the right company relating to the particular job ad. If you linked your short profile to a social media network, the company can look at career-related data, such as career stages, skills and level of education by using hijob. Apart from that, hijob enables the initial contact, by sending your contact data to the company relating to the particular job ad.

4. Collection data at profile creation

hijob offers you to create an all-round profile. Creating an user profile hijob collects the following data from you: User name (generally first and last name) E-Mail address IP-address Education Location data Language skills Professional career, Skills and Knowledge search profile for any job You can use a pseudonym. Apart from that, all information must be truthful. hijob is entilted to demand proof at any time. If you do not transmit the requested proof within 2 weeks from receiving the request, hijob can block your user profile. Further you can import and modify parts of your profile via ports to social networks. In this case hijob additionally collects the ID of the particular social network and a profile link (e.g. https://www.Xing.de/max.mustermann) as well as the deposited information in the profile of the social network. You can look at the retrieved and stored information by hijob in detail by confirming the link of your profile with hijob in the particular social network. You agree that by concluding the registration we create a profile page with a short and a long profile for your user name. The information of your user profile are listed in these profiles, except for the user name and the IP-address. By linking your user account to a social network, you agree that we can pass your user name to the particular operator. Those social networks have their own privacy statements, which you need to confirm seperately.

5. Cookies

In order to guarantee you that the website is as pleasantly designed as possible for you, hijob uses, like many other companies, cookies. Cookies are little text files, which are stored on your PC while visiting our website. Cookies help us to assign your user settings and provide personalised functions. Besides, hijob uses cookies to measure the frequency of page visits and to control the general page navigation. You can disable the acceptance of cookies in your browser settings. However, in that case the whole functionality of our website might not be available for you. In addition, we save personalised data, which you entered at the registration and data, which is necessary for the membership at hijob and for the particular contract implementation. Some cookies will be removed from your hard-disk automatically after visiting websites (Session cookies). Other cookies remain on the customers hard-disk (Permanent cookies) to enable hijob to recognize you at your next visit and provide you with information about offers, which are similar to the ones in your last session.

6. Use and disclosure of your data

hijob reserves the right to editorially improve and shorten user data at the creation of the short profile. hijob does not publish the collected data. Neither can the profile page be accessed by third parties, nor can it be found by a search engine. hijob only passes your data if you agree or as it was mentioned explicitly in this privacy statement. With your application you agree that you wish for the transmission of your short profile to the companies. You agree that all your data deposited in your short profile is transmitted to the particular company. Besides you agree that hijob enables the companies to access your long profile. This function is activated as standard and with it you agree that hijob enables the interested companies to access your short and long profile, for the purpose of establishing a business contact. The security and data protection of the conveyed information underlies the particular business partner company and not hijob. You agree that hijob transmits your short profile to the particular company, when you apply and allow access to your long profile. hijob performs analyses about user behaviour within its services or has it carried out by academic institutions (e.g. universities). For this purpose anonymized and pseudonymized user profiles are created. The creation of user profiles are carried out for the sole purpose of constantly improving hijob. Provided that we create pseudonymized user profiles, the user can always contradict to the use of his data for such purposes with future effect. Just send an informal message to one of the addresses mentioned in 2. Due to the laws, we must obey, we are obligated to transmit your personalized data to authorities in certain cases. Especially, when it is necessary for the clarification of an illegal plattform usage or prosecution. In this case we would pass personalized data to the law enforcement agency or to possible third injured parties. This only happens, if there are indications for unlawful conduct. Further, hijob is legally obligated to provide information for public authorities on request. These are law enforcement agencies, public authorities, which pursue infringements and the tax authority. You agree that we pass your registration data and your IP-adress to third parties, if it appears necessary, in order to enable the enforcement of intellectual property rights or the general personality right. Moreover, in the context of business development the structure of hijob might change by changing the legal form, establishing subsidiaries and buying or selling company shares and components. For such transactions user data is passed along with the transferred unit of the company. For each transfer of personalized data to third parties as previously mentioned, hijob takes care that third parties commit to the compliance of our privacy policy. You agree that by changing the structure of hijob user data is passed along with the transferred unit of the company.

7. Use of your data for advertising purposes

In addition to processing your data for your application at hijob, we use your data to communicate interesting jobs and companies, certain products and marketing campaigns for you and recommend jobs or services that may be of interest to you.

You can always contradict to the use of your personalized data for advertising purposes or for individual measures, without arising other than the transmission costs according to the basic tariff. Just send a message in text form to the contact data (e.g. e-mail, letter) mentioned in number 2.

8. Individual advertising for you

Information we receive from you help us to constantly improve your application experience and design it user-friendly and individually for you. Your transmitted and automatically generated infortmation will be used to design special advertisements for you. For this we use existing information, such as receiving and reading of e-mails, information about the computer and connection to the internet, the operating system and the plattform, your application history, your service history, date and time of the visit of the website, jobs and companies you looked at.

We only use these information in pseudonymized form. Due to the analysis and evaluation of these information, we can improve our website and offers, as well as send individual advertising mails to you. That means advertising recommending jobs and companies to you, which may be of interest to you. Our aim is to design our advertisments more useful and interesting. So the evaluation and analysis of your collected pseudonymized data, help us to avoid sending random advertisements to you. Much more we send e.g. newsletter, job recommendations, which meet your interests via e-mail or classical direct mailing. So, we compare e.g. which mails from us you opened, in order to avoid sending you unnecessary e-mails.

hijob uses your data and further information attached to your account as well as pseudonymized usage data to present personalized advertising mails and/or special offers and services.

If you don't want personalized advertising mails, you can always contradict, overall or to certain activities. Just send a message in text form to the contact data (e.g. e-mail, letter) mentioned in number 2.

Außerdem nutzt hijob die Technologie von Criteo GmbH, mit der Informationen über das Surfverhalten der Webseitenbesucher zu Marketingzwecken in anonymisierter Form gesammelt und gespeichert werden. Hierfür werden Cookies genutzt und andere technische Informationen über Dich und Dein Nutzungsverhalten gesammelt. Criteo analysiert anhand eines Algorithmus das Surfverhalten und kann anschließend gezielte Produktempfehlungen als personalisierte Werbebanner in Deiner gesamten Online-Nutzung (Web, In-App, Email) anzeigen. In keinem Fall können diese Daten dazu verwendet werden, den Besucher dieser Website persönlich zu identifizieren. Die gesammelten Daten werden lediglich zur Verbesserung des Angebots benutzt. Eine andere Verwendung oder Weitergabe an Dritte erfolgt nicht. Du kannst der vollkommen anonymen Analyse Deines Surfverhaltens unter http://www.criteo.com/de/datenschutzrichtlinie durch Austragung widersprechen. Weitere Informationen zu der Technologie von Criteo erhältst Du in den Criteo Datenschutzbestimmungen unter http://www.criteo.com/de/privacy/.

9. Google Analytics

hijob uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service of the Google Inc. („Google“). Google Analytics uses „Cookies“, text files, which are stored on your computer and enable the analysis of your usage of the website. Cookies, created by the usage of this website (including the shortened IP-address of the user), will be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored there. Google will use these information to evaluate the usage of the website, compile a report about the website activities for website operators and provide you with services, which are connected with the website and internet usage. Further, Google might tranfer the information to third parties if necessary, as far as it is legally required or third parties process the information on behalf of Google. You can disable Google Analytics with a browser Add-on, if you don't want a website analysis. You can download the Add-on here: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=de.

10. Mixpanel

For the statistical evaluation of the website and the app, hijob additionally makes use of the technologies of Mixpanel, Inc., 589 Howard Street, #4 San Francisco, CA 94105, USA. With the help of Mixpanel hijob collects statistic data about the usage of your services. This data is used to constantly improve the functions of the websites and app and design it more appealing for the users. This is carried out by a cookie- technology and pixels, which are integrated on each page. You will find further information about this in the privacy policy of Mixpanel, here: https://mixpanel.com/privacy/. At the following link you can prevent yourself from the collection and processing of your data via Mixpanel: https://mixpanel.com/optout/.

Mit dem Analysewerkzeug „Remarketing mit Google Analytics“ lassen sich Nutzer in verschiedene Segmente unterteilen – je nachdem, welche Aktionen der jeweilige Nutzer auf unserer Website ausgeführt hat. Dann können wir Nutzer über Remarketing erneut ansprechen. Dabei können wir Anzeigeninhalte schalten, die speziell auf die Interessen abgestimmt sind, welche diese Nutzer bei vorherigen Sitzungen erkennen ließen (interessenbasierte Werbeauslieferung). Bewegt sich der Nutzer außerhalb unserer eigentlichen inhaltlichen Seite auf Seiten, die (auch) Werbeformate des Google Display Netzwerkes ausliefern, so können wir diesem Nutzer nun passend zu den in Google Analytics aufgelaufenen Daten und somit seinen Interessen entsprechenden Werbeinhalte auf dem Bildschirm seines Endgerätes (Display) anzeigen. Soweit wir mit Google Adwords Anzeigen auf Webseiten Dritter und Dritte entsprechend Anzeigen auf unserer Webseite geschaltet haben, sind wir mit diesen Dritten Bestandteil des Google-(Ad-Word)-Display-Netzwerkes und verknüpfen Analytics und Adwords. Das Anlegen und Verwalten von Interessenprofilen erfolgt innerhalb von Google Analytics in Form von Listen. Die Einstellung, welche Kampagnen auf welche Interessensprofile (Liste) ausgeliefert werden sollen wird durch uns weiterhin in Google AdWords gesteuert. Drittanbieter, einschließlich Google, schalten unsere Anzeigen auf Websites im Internet allgemein wie folgt: Anzeigen werden in unterschiedlichen Formaten (Text, Bild, Video) auf Websites und in Apps, deren Inhaber eine Partnerschaft z. B. mit Google eingegangen sind, geschaltet. Nähere Informationen zum Remarketing enthalten die Webseiten von Google (Abruf: 15.10.2016): https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2611268

Mit dem Analysewerkzeug „Berichte zu Impressionen im Google Displaynetzwerk“ werten wir aus, wie unsere Anzeigenimpressionen, sonstigen Nutzungen von Anzeigendiensten und Interaktionen mit diesen Anzeigenimpressionen und Anzeigendiensten mit Besuchen auf unserer Webseite zusammenhängen.

Mit dem Analysewerkzeug „Integration der DoubleClick-Plattform“ werten wir Werbung auf unseren Webseiten aus. Auf unseren Webseiten wird Werbung für andere Webseiten platziert. Dies geschieht meist mit Hilfe einer „AdServer (3rd-party)-DoubleClick Cookie auf das Endgerät des Nutzers gesetzt. Nähere Informationen über das DoubleClick Cookie enthalten die Webseiten von Google (Abruf: 15.10.2016):http://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/

Mit dem Analysewerkzeug „Google Analytics-Berichte zur Leistung nach demografischen Merkmalen und Interessen“ erfasst Analytics Daten zu den demografischen Merkmalen (Alter, Geschlecht) und den Interessen (Affinitätskategorien, Segmente mit kaufbereiten Zielgruppen, weitere Kategorien) der Nutzer. Die Berichte geben uns Aufschluss über die Zahl der Besucher innerhalb eines Zeitraums, wer die Nutzer sind und wie sich ihr Verhalten je nach Attribut (z. B. männlich im Vergleich zu weiblich) ändert. Mithilfe dieser Analyse können wir Werbestrategien für Kampagnen in unserem Internetauftritt optimieren. Nähere Informationen enthalten die Webseiten von Google (Abruf: 15.10.2016): https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2954071?hl=de&ref_topic=2799375

Soweit wir mit den Analytics-Werbefunktionen personenbezogene Daten mit nicht personenbezogenen Daten, die mithilfe von Google-Werbeprodukten gesammelt werden, zusammenführen, geschieht dies nur, wenn der Nutzer durch uns zuvor gut sichtbar auf diese Zusammenführung hingewiesen wurde und er uns seine Einwilligung erklärt hat (Opt-in-Verfahren). Anderenfalls findet eine Zusammenführung nicht statt.

Der Nutzer kann Google Analytics-Werbefunktionen deaktivieren und sein Widerspruchsrecht (Opt-Out) ausüben, beispielsweise über den Anzeigenvorgaben-Manager seines Browsers durch Aufruf des Google-Links: https://www.google.de/settings/ads?hl=de Alternativ kann der Nutzer über die „NAI-Verbraucherdeaktivierung“ die Verwendung von Cookies durch Drittanbieter deaktivieren. Die Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) und die Opt-Out-Funktion ist unter http://www.networkadvertising.org (Abruf: 15.10.2016) zu erreichen.

Sind diese technischen Möglichkeiten auf dem Endgerät des Nutzers nicht vorhanden, dann kann er der Benutzung von Google Analytics auch insgesamt widersprechen. Im Übrigen gilt die Unterrichtung zum Abschnitt „Google Analytics“ in dieser Datenschutzunterrichtung auch für die Analytics Werbefunktionen. Der Nutzer kann also insbesondere sein Widerspruchsrecht durch das dort dargestellte Opt-Out ausüben bzw. durch Einstellungen seiner Browser-Software Maßnahmen zum Selbstschutz ergreifen.

11. Administration of e-mail addresses and the sending of messages

If you permit hijob to correspond to you via e-mail, hijob uses the data from your registration for the purpose of sending you information via e-mail. The transmission of your data to third parties is out of the question. Only partner companies are excluded, which are responsible for the technical processing of the newsletter distribution. In this case only the minimum of data is transmitted. Our data protection regulations comply with the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) and the Telemediengesetz (TMG). Users, who want to unsubscribe our newsletter or our advertising mails, can do this by clicking on a link, which can be found at the end of each e-mail sent by hijob. The mailchimp Inc. is our provider for sending e-mails. You will find further information about this in the privacy policy of Mailchimp, here: http://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/

12. Visual Website Optimizer

Our website uses the Visual Website Optimizer (http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com) for the collection of statistical characteristic values for the use of our offers. In this process anonymous measured values are collected. This test is used to recognise computer system cookies, which have a limited run time. IP-addresses are not stored during this process. You can always contradict to the storage of your anonymously recorded visitor data. (http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/opt-out.php). You will find further information about this in the privacy policy of Visual Website Optimizers, here: http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/privacy-policy.php.

13. LinkedIn

By clicking the button „LinkedIn“ you agree that hijob stores your LinkedIn-profile.

14. Xing

By clicking the button „Xing“ you agree that hijob stores your Xing-profile.

15. Rights of the affected persons

You can update or edit your data at hijob by editing your user profile in the app or website. You can always demand corrections or the removal of your data at hijob or revoke the permissions contained in this privacy policy. You can transmit your declaration to one of the mentioned addresses in number 2. Such a revocation may lead to a limited or refused usage of the app or website.

16. Protection of data

We and our service providers constantly work on the security and protection of the used operating materials, especially our servers. We are constantly concerned about further increasing the already achieved level of us and our service providers and adjusting the technical development. The connection from your computer, through the internet to our servers is out of our control and unsecured. This is why your e-mails and your input in the forms on our website may be changed, falsified or deleted. If you want to avoid the riscs of this connection, you can make suggestions via the classical direct mailing to the address given in Imprint. The transmission of data, entered during the registration, login or any payment process, will be encoded.

17. Amendments of this privacy statement

hijob reserves the right to change this privacy policy. The current version can always be accessed at https://www.hijob.me/datenschutz

18. Betroffenenrechte

Du kannst die über Dich bei hijob gespeicherten Daten aktualisieren oder berichtigen, indem Du in der App oder Website Dein Nutzungsprofil bearbeitest. Du kannst jederzeit per E-Mail unter info-at-hijob.me die Berichtigung bzw. die Löschung der über Dich bei hijob gespeicherten Daten verlangen und/oder die in dieser Datenschutzerklärung enthaltenen Einwilligungen widerrufen. Du kannst die Erklärung auch auf anderem Wege an die unter Ziffer 2 genannten Adressen übermitteln. Ein solcher Widerruf kann dazu führen, dass Du die App / die Website nicht mehr oder nur noch eingeschränkt nutzen kannst.

19. Datensicherheit

Wir und unsere Dienstleister kümmern uns ständig um die Sicherheit der eingesetzten Betriebsmittel, insbesondere unserer Server. Wir sind unentwegt darum besorgt, dass von uns und unseren Dienstleistern bereits erreichte hohe Niveau noch weiter zu steigern und der technischen Entwicklung anzupassen. Die Übertragung von Deinem Computer durch das Internet zu unserem Server erfolgt verschlüsselt durch das HTTPS-Protokoll. Allerdings können Deine E-Mails von Dritten geändert, verfälscht oder gelöscht werden. Wenn Du das mit der Übertragung verbundene Risiko vermeiden willst, kannst Du uns Deine Anregungen, Wünsche und Vorschläge auch per Briefpost an die im Impressum angegebene Adresse zusenden. Die Übertragung von Daten, die Du bei der Registrierung, bei der Anmeldung und bei allen Bezahlvorgängen einträgst, erfolgt verschlüsselt.

20. Änderungen dieser Datenschutzerklärung

hijob behält sich vor, diese Datenschutzerklärung zu ändern. Die aktuelle Fassung der Datenschutzerklärung ist stets unter https://www.hijob.me/de/privacy-policy.